MintDex - A true onchain DEX with no centralized server!
MintDex is a true onchain only DEX, with no centralized server needed. You can run the MintDex on your own computer, and thus eliminate the threat of DNS attack or server hack, since there is no server needed. However, to provide user easy access, a hosted version is given here for user easier access on github. You can download the source and run from your own computer, why? because even at github, hacker can still hack it. The most secure way is to run the software entirely on your own computer. MintDex is now running on Public Mint testnet.

Why Public Mint?
1) For trading to be meaningful, it must be low cost in fee. Public Mint has very low fee for calling contracts.

Gas Fee for Public Mint Testnet
Maker Gas Fee - $0.71
Taker Gas Fee - $0.37
Deposit USD Fee - $0.07
Withdraw Token Fee - $0.11

2) Confirmation speed must be fast. Traders can't wait for 5 to 30 minutes to confirm a trade. Public Mint confirmation time is only about 4seconds, a lot faster than Ethereum and make trading meaningful.

3) Fiat deposit/withdrawal. The blockchain should provide an easy way to deposit and withdraw fiat without the need to go through a centralized exchange, which is risky (many previous hacked on centralized exchanges happened before, hundred of millions of dollars lost). Public Mint provides a very easy method to deposit and withdraw fiat via its fiat native blockchain.

If you would like to test the MintDex, you need to add a new network.
Goto metamask, unlock, then click Networks, click Custom RPC, and use the following settings.

Settings for metamask
1) Network Name:Public Mint Testnet
2) New RPC URL:
3) Chain ID: 2019
4) Currency Symbol: USD
5) Block Explorer URL:

After that you need to add a custom token (MINT token)
Note this is testnet MINT, it has no real value!

Add Token-> Custom Token
Contract Address: 0xf8b10a9527d542ef7Fa32a0f8E556Ab5c050dd6c
Token Symbol: MINT
Decimals of Precision: 18

To start trading on MintDex, you need some testnet USD. You can get some free testnet USD from Public Mint admin or use this faucet.

MintDex v0.8.0
1) Deposit and withdrawal of USD ok
2) Deposit and withdrawal of MINT ok
3) Placement of buy and sell order ok
4) Trade matching and execution order ok
5) Cancel order not working yet (implemented in smart contract but not yet on front end)
6) Trading fee not implemented yet (proposed to implement 0.1% of trading fee to support development long term)
7) Holding 2000 MINT or above(subjected to change) will give 50% discount on trading fee - not implemented yet.

You can try MintDex here.
MindDex Testnet v0.8.0
DO NOT SEND YOUR ERC20 MINT OR MAINNET MINT TO MintDex, you will risk losing all your MINT!